October 1-4, 2024
Santa Fe, NM

102 Gold SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


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It's a lot of things –

but it's not

a conference.

It’s an unconference — an event with no preset schedule, and most importantly — no ego.

At insatiablyCurious you’ll take part in a group discussion on emerging areas of motion design, question why Santa Fe’s high elevation affects the color of the sunset you’re viewing from the rooftop, and discuss motion design hit and misses with a panel of award winning FUI designers — all before sundown on your first night.

shout out Thanks to all of our special guests who made insatiablyCurious 2024 amazing!

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a reflection on our annual eventmotion

In 2018, we celebrated 12 years of motionour final episode. Eighteen months later, we faced the unthinkable: a global pandemic. Those were demanding years filled with endless video meetings, wildfires, and a general sense of chaos that left us yearning for human connection. We missed out on spending quality time with friends and discovering the creative minds and passions of new ones.

Those years provided a unique opportunity to reflect on motion, to challenge our assumptions, explore the unknown, and discover new ideas. 

To be curious. And that’s when it hit us.

Our years as successful creatives in the industry have always been fueled by our insatiable curiosity. As creatives, curiosity is a defining trait—it sets us apart. It allows us to see things from different perspectives and find creative solutions to design challenges. Curiosity is the foundation of creativity, innovation, and progress.

But often, the rapid pace of our industry, the pressure to create on demand, and the inevitable burnout so many experience—we forget about our superpower.
We seemingly cease to be curious.

It’s time to reignite our innate curiosity.
It’s time to connect with some of the most amazing people on Earth.
It’s time to get insatiablyCurious.

/ If curious people are always creative, but creative people are not always curious, then curiosity drives creativity. 
/ If curious people are always creative, but creative people are not always curious, then curiosity drives creativity. 
/ If curious people are always creative, but creative people are not always curious, then curiosity drives creativity. 
/ If curious people are always creative, but creative people are not always curious, then curiosity drives creativity. 

change is goodWelcome to the new era of motion

Medium Shot Model Posing With Futuristic Mask 1



We’re incredibly excited to take you on a journey into your curious mind. Together, we’ll unlock the magic of curiosity and witness its transformative power on creativity. We’ll embark on a quest for new knowledge, fueled by interactive experiences that ignite your imagination.

We’ll venture into the uncharted territories of vulnerability and discovery – where genuine human connections spark intellectual curiosity.

We’ll twist and turn existing knowledge and ideas, crafting something fresh and captivating.

And that, by definition – is creativity.

santa fe • new mexicoOctober 1-4, 2024

pre + post events there are many more ways tore:gnite your curiosity

bring the family!ABQ International Balloon Fiesta

Invite your family to join you Saturday October 5th for a weekend of amazement at the ABQ International Balloon Fiesta!

insatiablyCurious After PartyElectric Playhouse

Experience an immersive and interactive dinner, then get ready for a night of motion-based games!

InteractiveCuriosity Lab

A hands-on experience featuring interactive challenges designed to spark curiosity!

before it's too late…grab a ticket!

Meow Wolf

An immersive, multimedia experience that transports audiences of all ages into fantastic realms.

Admission included with your iC pass!

ticketsInnovative pricing.

$100 holds your seat!

*Snag your ticket for as low as $450!

*Early bird pricing ends July 31, 2024. Save $100!
3 days of insatiablyCurious
iCurious Kickoff Party
Urban Sunset, Rooftop Vibes :: A Celebration
Happy Hour@Kickback x 2
Canyon Road Summer Art Walk
Desert Dogs Drink Ticket
Adulti-Verse@Meow Wolf
Transportation to Meow Wolf
Curiosity Lab :: Hands-on Interactive Experience
A thoughtful space for creativity and curiosity
Connect with the most amazing people on earth
Months of food for thought
A lifetime of friendships!

ticketsAll inclusive.

All inclusive pass includes 3 nights at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe.

All Inclusive
insatiablyCurios + Hotel
3 days of insatiablyCurious
3 nights at the Drury Plaza Hotel Santa Fe
Hot breakfast every morning
Free popcorn & soda in the lobby
iCurious Kickoff Party
Urban Sunset, Rooftop Vibes :: A Celebration
Happy Hour@Kickback x 2
Canyon Road Summer Art Walk
Desert Dogs Drink Ticket
Adulti-Verse@Meow Wolf
Transportation to Meow Wolf
Curiosity Lab :: Hands-on Interactive Experience
After Party @ElectricPlayhouse in ABQ
A thoughtful space for creativity and curiosity
Connect with the most amazing people on earth
Months of food for thought
A lifetime of friendships!
/ for those who can't fathom life without a schedule 
/ for those who can't fathom life without a schedule 
/ for those who can't fathom life without a schedule 
/ for those who can't fathom life without a schedule 

George R.R. Martin'sJean Cocteau Cinema

where we're stayingDrury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe

rooms left!

tips toMake the most of your experience…

Get outside of your comfort zone.

The more risk you’re taking, the more valuable this experience becomes.

Everyone around you has a superpower.
Try to find what it is. And then encourage them to discover yours!
Keep an open mind.

Learn from others and build on their ideas. Be open to changing your perspective. Experiment!

Give your cell phone a vacation.

It’s hard. It’s scary.
But it’s worth it!

answers…I'm curious…

Tickets are a cool $650, but you can snag one for as low as $450! Here’s the deal:

STEP ①: Secure your seat by June 30th with a deposit.

STEP ②: Spread the word! When a friend uses your name as a referral to place a deposit, you score $50 OFF!

STEP ③: If you’ve completed Step ② and are a past motion attendee, you’ll earn another $50 OFF!

STEP ④: The grand finale! If 25 curious minds place a deposit by June 30th, you’ll each get an extra $100 OFF!

Once we hit 25 sign-ups or June 30th (whichever comes first), the countdown ends. We’ll calculate your discount and send you an invoice for the final amount.

Spread the word, and reap the rewards! Share the buzz, and snag $100 off your ticket. Keep spreading the excitement, and you’ll score a free ticket – it’s a win-win!

We’re a tiny team – just two of us – but with your help, people are becoming insatiablyCurious one creative at a time!

① Let us know if you want to play – we’ll provide you with a link to share.

② Each time someone who has never been to motion before uses your unique link to secure their spot — bam, you score a sweet $100 off!

③ Rack up enough referrals, and a free ticket’s all yours!

Plus, you’ll earn a heap of gratitude from us, the event masterminds! With only 2 people behind the scenes, the sooner the seats are filled, the sooner we can focus on making your experience epic!

insatiablyCurious kicks off each year the week before the iconic ABQ International Balloon Fiesta.

Join us October 1-4, 2024, and experience the magic of insatiablyCurious.

Then stay the weekend and experience 600 hot air balloons painting the canvas of the sky – a breathtaking sight!

The ideal place for an unconference like no other – is a city like no other!

Santa Fe, the “City Different,” is where curiosity blossoms. This unique city bursts with a blend of cultures, stunning architecture, and art. As the nation’s oldest capital, Santa Fe boasts authentic adobe buildings, over 200 art galleries, diverse art markets, the legendary Santa Fe Opera, 400+ restaurants, and 20 museums. A true symphony of stimuli for the most insatiably curious minds.

Nestled under the wide-open skies of Santa Fe, you’ll immerse yourself in a whirlpool of new ideas, engage in stimulating debates, and forge deep, lasting connections.

We’re thrilled to host our inaugural insatiablyCurious experience in the captivating Jean Cocteau Cinema, owned by the one and only George R.R. Martin!

You’re an artist, right? So you know the value of your craft. How many times have you been asked to work for peanuts? To whip up a poster for a gig, pro bono, while the printer pockets the cash? Is your time not precious?

Our event? It’s a labor of love. A symphony of effort, passion, and hard-earned dollars. We don’t have fancy sponsors or grant money – just the raw power of our ticket sales.

The short answer, straight from the heart? No, we don’t offer discounts.

Instead, we’ve dreamt up a brilliant plan to keep the magic flowing and the tickets within reach of everyone. Lend a hand to spread the word, and your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. You’ve got this!

Want more details? See FAQs 01 & 02!

To foster a tight-knit community vibe, daytime and evening events are exclusively for registered attendees.

But Friday’s a different story! Guests are welcome to join in on all the Santa Fe Experience (SFxP) festivities. Just remember to snag a ticket for your companion.

Need to cancel? You’ll get a 50% refund if you do it by August 31, 2024. After that, it’s a no-go. But hey, pass the ticket along to a buddy! Just shoot us their name and email, and we’ll get them set up.

insatiablyCurious finds its home at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, where art breathes life into every corner. Palace Avenue Arts curated a vibrant gallery, showcasing the masterful creations of artists from diverse art worlds. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of mediums adorning each floor, a visual symphony awaiting your discovery.

Amenities include:

  • complimentary hot breakfast each morning
  • hot food with beer, wine, mixed drinks and soft drinks each evening
  • complimentary popcorn and soda in the lobby
  • on-site Kitchen+Bar restaurant
  • heated outdoor rooftop pool & whirlpool

Rooms are limited and reserved exclusively for those holding our all-inclusive pass, making your stay a unique artistic adventure.

// Fly to ABQ //

The ABQ International Sunport, ~60 miles from Santa Fe, provides the most options for flights. This is a great choice, especially for those planning to stay on for the Balloon Fiesta,

Airlines include

  • Advanced Air
  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • JetBlue
  • Spirit
  • Southwest
  • United
Ground Transportation

You’ve got lots of options! Train, Shuttle, Uber, Lyft or zTrip!

When you arrive in ABQ, your goal is to get to the Alvarado Transportation Center / Downtown Albuquerque Rail Runner Station. Either grab an Uber or catch the ABQ RIDE Route 50 city bus on ground level.
You can ride the airport buses for free if you purchase your Rail Runner ticket in advance. If you don’t already have your train ticket you can pay the driver a $1 fare each way.
ABQ RIDE Route 50 

Departures from 7:00am to 5:30pm on the half hour.
Arrive at Alvarado Transportation Center 20-25 minutes later.

Arriving on a weekdayHere’s the schedule → (Northbound)
Arriving on a SaturdayHere’s the schedule → (Northbound)
Arriving on a SundayHere’s the schedule → (Northbound)
Departing on a weekday? Here’s the schedule → (Southbound)
Departing on a Saturday? Here’s the schedule → (Southbound)
Departing on a SundayHere’s the schedule → (Southbound)

Prefer to take a shuttle? Groome Transportation is what you’re looking for. 
The cost is $46.00 +tax one way or $92.00 +tax roundtrip. Be sure to make a reservation in advance to be dropped off at the Drury Plaza Hotel!

ABQ Sunport

*By Reservation Only


Use your app to request an UberLyft or zTrip!

*zTrip doesn’t get great reviews…



Rent a car…or if you’re a cyclist, rent a bike!

Our discounted parking rate at the Drury Plaza Hotel is $18/night.

// Fly to Santa Fe //

The Santa Fe Regional Airport is operated and managed by the City of Santa Fe. Flying directly into Santa Fe allows you to make the most of your trip to The City Different by saving a significant amount of travel time.

Travelers can fly direct to and from:

  • Dallas (American Airlines)
  • Denver (United)
  • Phoenix (American Airlines)

…with connections to thousands of destinations throughout the world.

Flights to and from Santa Fe are operated with a CR-700 jet with a 2-class configuration with Wifi.

Santa Fe Ground Transportation

The best way to get to the Drury Plaza Hotel is UberLyft or zTrip!

*zTrip doesn’t get great reviews…

Mark Coleran, the legendary FUI designer who inspired so many of us in the motion community, passed away this June.

When Mark heard we were bringing motion back, he was extremely supportive. And he was slated to be one of our special guests.

Mark’s legacy is woven from the threads of his brilliant mind, his creative genius, and the profound impact he had on the world. He was an inspiration to many, leaving an indelible mark on the motion picture industry through his innovative work as a FUI designer. His contributions to iconic films like The Bourne Ultimatum, Mission Impossible, and Westworld transcended mere entertainment, shaping the cinematic landscape through brilliant motion design, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

This year, we’ll raise a glass to Mark Coleran, as we share stories and memories while soaking in stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at sunset.

a notefrom the co-founders…

We’ve met countless brilliant minds, each bursting with creative energy over the years. We dreamt of a space where these talents could collide, spark a fire, and ignite a true connection.
insatiablyCurious is our vision: a gathering place for the most curious souls – from directors to animators, motion graphics wizards to abstract artists. The spectrum of art and design, from abstract expressionism to VFX, will converge here. We’ll provide a haven for these curious minds to meet, forge deep bonds, share their insights, and build upon each other’s visions. The end result? A surge of inspiration and rejuvenation that will leave them buzzing with excitement.

Since motion 2006, we’ve playfully dubbed our gathering an “unconference.” With insatiablyCurious, we’re ratcheting this concept up a notch: no rigid schedule, and most importantly, no egos. We’ve leveled the playing field, leaving speaker/audience dynamics behind.

Throughout the experience, we’ll spark conversations with special guests. While many are industry heavyweights, these dialogues are designed to be interactive. Ditch the typical conference setup – a speaker on a pedestal, an audience passively absorbing – and embrace a space where everyone is invited to engage, to participate. Bios and lists of accolades are saved for later. At insatiablyCurious, we enthusiastically encourage everyone to bring their insatiable curiosity and dive in.

We’re blending in other fun stuff, sure, but what truly makes this event shine? It’s the people. Period.

InsatiablyCurious is our chance to connect (and reconnect!) with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, and we were bouncing off the walls with excitement (Figuratively speaking of course.)

We hope it ignites that same spark of wonder and anticipation in you.
See you in October!

we envision
Cute Monster Holding Red Heart Abstract Love Valentine Concept 2 Min

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